RHS Staff

Administration and Office Staff

Principal - Adam Simpson, [email protected]
Assistant Principal - Cameron Sellers, [email protected]
Assistant Principal - Candice Davis, [email protected]

Office Manager - Abby Rutherford, [email protected]
Bookkeeper/Office Manager - Kim Wade, [email protected]
School Counselor Coordinator/Director of CTE - Kirsten Mosby, [email protected]
School Counselor - Heather Rowland, [email protected]
School Counseling Registrar - Teresa Phillips, [email protected] 
Resource Officer - Thad Beasley, [email protected]
Nurse - Tracy Conner, [email protected]
Athletic Director - Greg Wade, [email protected]
Athletic Trainer - Andrew Waff, [email protected]


Biology - Jeff Brown, [email protected]
Biology - Brandi Ray, [email protected]
Chemistry - Marina Gross, [email protected]
English - Matthew Azano, [email protected]
English - Becky Snyder, [email protected]
English - Donna Irvin, [email protected]
English - Serena Moore, [email protected]
English - Luke Munsey, [email protected]
Earth Science - Caroline Hickam, [email protected]
Science - Ryan Brem, [email protected]
History - Drew Cox, [email protected]
History - Amber Sowers, [email protected]
History - Megan Thompson, [email protected]
History - Josh Woods, [email protected]
Math - Mike Carrow, [email protected]
Math - Cecil Hickam, [email protected]
Math - Amy Price, [email protected]
Math - Clark Ramsey, [email protected]
Math - Haley Smith, [email protected]
Social Studies - John Ferguson, [email protected]
Spanish - Carol Andrews, [email protected]
Spanish, ELs - Jennifer Davie, [email protected]
Spanish, French - Nicole Scartlelli Sykes, [email protected]


Carpentry - Bunchy Compton, [email protected]
Computer Science/IT- 
Samuel Burton, [email protected]
Computer Science - Beverly Edwards, [email protected]
Culinary Arts - Arthur Mook, [email protected]
Drafting - Cody Roberts, [email protected]
Electricity - Bunchy Compton, [email protected]

Horticulture/Small Animal Care - Katie Givens, [email protected]
Health and Medical Science - Jordan Lawson, [email protected]
Machine Shop - Tim McPeake, [email protected]
Media Arts - Tina Young, [email protected]

Physical Education

Michael Crist, [email protected]
Suzanne Crist, [email protected]

The Arts

Band - Daniel Frankenberger, [email protected]
Choir -Darren Goad, [email protected]
Art - Savannah Leeman, [email protected]
Theater - Sarah Jane Ruppert, [email protected]


Special Education teacher - Michelle Hazleton, [email protected]
Special Education teacher - Eirin Kiser, [email protected]
Special Education teacher/Transition Coordinator - John Miller, [email protected]
Special Education teacher - Kelly Ridpath, [email protected]
Special Education teacher - Holly Fitzgerald, [email protected]
Special Education teacher - Hannah Dawson, [email protected]
NRCC Career Coach - Margaret Sproule, [email protected]
Bobcat Reset Facilitator - Dwayne Martin, [email protected]
Bobcat Bridge - Hollie Fitzgerald, [email protected]
JVG/Bobcat Bridge - Ben Peters, [email protected]
Librarian -  Rebecca Caufman, [email protected]



Mendy Bibb, School Nutrition Manager

Para Professionals

Abd Afifi
Catherine Buskill
Britney Green-Piggott
Paige Herndon
Janay Rollins