In 1909 the first secondary school, Belle Heth School, was built at Third and Downey Streets in Radford. Radford High School was built in 1928 at its present location, which is in the central part of the city. Because of a fire in 1937 an auditorium and gym had to be rebuilt. In 1950 an addition housing a girls' locker and shower rooms and a band and chorus room were constructed. A vocational building was finished in 1952. Five classrooms and a cafeteria were added in the 1950s. A science facility, which connected the vocational building (as it was known then) to the main building, was constructed in 1962. These new facilities were called the East Wing. The construction of a new gym, parking lot, and stadium occurred in 1967-68. The former gym was renovated into a library. In 1970 a fire destroyed the main building, auditorium and library; the band and chorus rooms and locker and shower rooms were also damaged beyond repair. Classes met in various buildings in the city. In the summer of 1971 a structure providing additional classrooms was built at the rear of the East Wing.

In August 1972 students began the year in a new academic building and library. The gymnasium was also enlarged with a concession area and extra dressing room facilities. In May, 1973, an auditorium was added to the main building. Six new tennis courts were completed in 1977. In August, 1980, a two-room addition to the gym was constructed to house a medical training room and an athletic director's office. Two athletic locker rooms for girls were constructed in 1984. In 1989 a scoreboard, dugouts, and back-stop screen were installed on the baseball field. The track was also resurfaced with a rubberized material. In 1993-1994 new band and art rooms, conference and guidance rooms were constructed and the remaining guidance area was renovated. The present site contains 25.15 acres. In addition to the academic, vocational buildings, and gym, this area includes a stadium, an athletic field, and a driver education range.

Current classrooms in the main building total 12 with storage, lounge and restroom facilities, administrative and guidance offices, the library and cafeteria. The choir area includes a rehearsal room, three practice rooms, music library, and instrument storage rooms. In the 1994 addition an art area which includes a main workroom with a ceramic/printmaking room was constructed; the band area which includes a rehearsal room, music library and theory workrooms, instrument storage area, and four practice rooms was built. Classrooms in the East Wing and Vocational Building total 20 with additional storage, lounge, and restroom facilities. One networked classroom is included as part of the East Wing. Two networked computer labs were installed in the business rooms in 1994 in the Vocational Building. Two computer labs were added in 1997 that connect Radford High School to Dalton Intermediate School. The King Center fitness complex was completed in 1999.